Day thirteen: Esperance

Surfing! The perfect day for it. There are SO many beaches all right next to each other. We did a drive by with a coffee in one hand and picked Observatory Beach to start the day at. The water was crystal clear and the waves rolled in gently. Perfect for beginner surfers. We had such a great time here. 

Next up, West Beach. Surf was getting a bit rough so we stayed here about an hour and then decided to move on to Twilight Beach. We were officially beach hopping.

Twilight Beach is nice and calm, busy with families. We went for a jog along the sand and then a dip to cool off. 

Twilight Beach

We wish we had more days in here to do the same thing over and over. You will fall in love with Esperance and it’s beaches.


Day twelve: goodbye Albany, hello Esperance.

Two hours drive to Bremer Bay. It was a very windy day so not lucky enough for a swim but went for a walk along the beach to stretch our legs in preparation for the next stint. Be aware lunch/dinner options are getting scarce. We stopped in at the local hotel for lunch. 

Four hour drive to Esperance. On the way in we went past the pink lake (which hasn’t been pink in years). Then set up camp at the Seafront Caravan Park. 

Ended the day with a drive by some of the beaches so that we could get excited for what was to come in the next few days. 

Day eleven: Albany

Castle Rock and Granite Skywalk on the itinerary today! 

The drive to the Porongurup from Albany is 35minutes. Castle rock is a 2.2 km hike through bush to reach the balancing rock. There is an optional “scramble” up to the skywalk. This involves pulling yourself over some big rocks and climbing vertical for a few meters up a ladder. All together we probably spent 2 hours here (including a snack break at the lookout). The sights were beautiful but no match to the previous day at bluff. 

We stopped in at Nanarup beach on the way to and from the Porongurup as Denver was desperate for some surf (this beach was a bit of a detour). No luck. Only tiny waves crashing on the sandbank 😦 

We treated ourselves to a relaxing afternoon in the tent with our books. Standard bbq dinner and then a movie on the laptop. 

Day ten: Albany

Can you guys believe they fill up your petrol for you in the country!? Amazing… 

One hour and twenty minutes to the Bluff Knoll carpark from Emu Beach.  Sunscreen, mosquito spray and water – check. Steep climb over rocks, a total of 3.1km to the summit. Be prepared for a heck load of bugs at the top. Pack a snack for a little picnic while you admire the 360 degree views. The rocks are slippery on the way down but much easier on the heart rate. Overall the hike was 90 minutes up and 70 minutes down. Plan to go early because the sun heats you up pretty quickly around midday. A fairly strenuous climb for us.  Glutes are continuing to ache. 

That night we splurged at Liberte for dinner and a drink to celebrate. This is French/Vietnamese style restaurant with a variety of yummy plates designed to be shared. We had brisket loaded fries, bao buns and coffee/cola ribs. YUM 

Day nine: goodbye Denmark, hello Albany

We were so impressed with Greenspool and Ocean Beach we had to do it all over again (but in reverse).

We packed up camp and headed down the road for a surf at Ocean Beach. Denver was having a great morning. Definitely getting the hang of it. Back to Greenspool for another little snorkel. More fish to see! And of course The Bib Cafe again because it was so goddamn good.  

A short drive to Albany. Stopped at The Gap and The Natural Bridge along the way. This was such a cool sight and would’ve been even more impressive on a day with big swell. Popped down the road to see the blowholes which was a bit of a hike to get to. No water spray today, just air pressure. Denver being the daredevil he is insisted on standing on top to feel the rush of air…

Set up camp at the Big 4 Emu Beach Holiday Park which is a little 8 minute drive out of Albany (which is beautiful by the way). It’s built into a mountain on the edge of a bay. There is a nice big town with everything you need. 

We visited a light show at Mt Clarence once the sun had set. 

Day eight: Denmark

We had the best day of the trip so far! 

Greenspool and Elephant Rocks blew us away with its beauty. A nice little hike to the left to get to Elephant Rocks, an almost private swimming area with white sand and blue waters. Greenspool was stunning. Crystal clear waters perfect for snorkeling. It literally was a pool surrounded by rocks you could climb and jump off. So much to explore around this area, we loved it. 

We had lunch at The Bib Cafe in Denmark which served nice healthy wraps and burgers to refuel us for the afternoon. 

Back towards our campsite for an afternoon of surfing at Ocean Beach. Perfect beginner waves rolling in. Denver spent a few hours out there. I gave it a bit of a go and then went for a nice long walk along the beach. 

Finished the day with a BBQ. You beauty. 

Day seven: goodbye Augusta, hello Denmark

Hamelin Bay stingrays CANNOT BE MISSED! We got there early at about 8.30am and spotted one straight away. Spent an hour watching 3-5 swim by in the shallows. So amazing to get up close and touch them. 

We drove an hour and a half to Gloucester tree in Pemberton. This was $13 entrance per car. Denver couldn’t resist climbing up the whole thing (52m) while I stressed down below. It took him just under an hour to climb to the top, have a look around and then climb back down. My neck was spasming by the time he reached the ground. 

Another two hour drive and we were at the Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk. Costing $21 per person. The walk takes about ten minutes as you cross suspended bridges above the Tingle trees (40m high). This is followed by a 600m Ancient Empire trail walk. 

Another thirty minutes and we were in beautiful Denmark. Staying at the Big 4 Ocean Beach Holiday Park. This is a lovely campsite minus the kangaroo droppings everywhere (on the plus side it’s pretty cool to see kangaroos bouncing around only meters away from you). 

We took a drive to lookout on Ocean Beach which is only a minute away. Stunning! Excited to surf here tomorrow.