Day ten: Albany

Can you guys believe they fill up your petrol for you in the country!? Amazing… 

One hour and twenty minutes to the Bluff Knoll carpark from Emu Beach.  Sunscreen, mosquito spray and water – check. Steep climb over rocks, a total of 3.1km to the summit. Be prepared for a heck load of bugs at the top. Pack a snack for a little picnic while you admire the 360 degree views. The rocks are slippery on the way down but much easier on the heart rate. Overall the hike was 90 minutes up and 70 minutes down. Plan to go early because the sun heats you up pretty quickly around midday. A fairly strenuous climb for us.  Glutes are continuing to ache. 

That night we splurged at Liberte for dinner and a drink to celebrate. This is French/Vietnamese style restaurant with a variety of yummy plates designed to be shared. We had brisket loaded fries, bao buns and coffee/cola ribs. YUM 


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