Day nine: goodbye Denmark, hello Albany

We were so impressed with Greenspool and Ocean Beach we had to do it all over again (but in reverse).

We packed up camp and headed down the road for a surf at Ocean Beach. Denver was having a great morning. Definitely getting the hang of it. Back to Greenspool for another little snorkel. More fish to see! And of course The Bib Cafe again because it was so goddamn good.  

A short drive to Albany. Stopped at The Gap and The Natural Bridge along the way. This was such a cool sight and would’ve been even more impressive on a day with big swell. Popped down the road to see the blowholes which was a bit of a hike to get to. No water spray today, just air pressure. Denver being the daredevil he is insisted on standing on top to feel the rush of air…

Set up camp at the Big 4 Emu Beach Holiday Park which is a little 8 minute drive out of Albany (which is beautiful by the way). It’s built into a mountain on the edge of a bay. There is a nice big town with everything you need. 

We visited a light show at Mt Clarence once the sun had set. 


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