Day seven: goodbye Augusta, hello Denmark

Hamelin Bay stingrays CANNOT BE MISSED! We got there early at about 8.30am and spotted one straight away. Spent an hour watching 3-5 swim by in the shallows. So amazing to get up close and touch them. 

We drove an hour and a half to Gloucester tree in Pemberton. This was $13 entrance per car. Denver couldn’t resist climbing up the whole thing (52m) while I stressed down below. It took him just under an hour to climb to the top, have a look around and then climb back down. My neck was spasming by the time he reached the ground. 

Another two hour drive and we were at the Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk. Costing $21 per person. The walk takes about ten minutes as you cross suspended bridges above the Tingle trees (40m high). This is followed by a 600m Ancient Empire trail walk. 

Another thirty minutes and we were in beautiful Denmark. Staying at the Big 4 Ocean Beach Holiday Park. This is a lovely campsite minus the kangaroo droppings everywhere (on the plus side it’s pretty cool to see kangaroos bouncing around only meters away from you). 

We took a drive to lookout on Ocean Beach which is only a minute away. Stunning! Excited to surf here tomorrow. 


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